How to make money without working 100% Genuine Ways

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So, today we have bring a new blog on How to make money without working. So don't miss the chance to know some really good ways to make money.

 Nowdays, there are end number of things to make money online like there are genuine apps and websites that can pay you for really good for doing nothing or some small tasks.

We have researched very hard and get to know there are several ways to earn a really good passive income. In this blog you will find genuine and legitimate ways of how to make money without working and it's not that harder.

Now let's get started without wasting much time:

1. Freelancing:

 Freelancing is the most appropriate and easiest way to earn money, you particularly don't need any skill and you can earn your first online income instantly.
There are many jobs as simple as doing translation, photography, transcription, data entry jobs etc.You can also create logos for companies and get paid higher.
        The main advantage of being a freelancer is that you are independent rather than employed by someone else. Freelancers are self employed and often referred as independent contractors.

2. Earn Money Selling Internet:

   Nowdays, everyone has internet packs in there smartphones because of the 4g revolution, so why don't you earn money by selling your unused internet data,there are many apps and websites which will give you money for sellling your unused internet. 

     Yes, you heard that right, if your internet data remained unsused from your daily data pack you can sell it and can earn some extra penny. Also, if you have a broadband connection that will be the golden chance for you to earn money by this method. This is how you can earn money without working.
   One of the such app is Honeygain 

3. Earn Money Listening to Music :

  Do you love hearing music? So why don't you earn money with it. It is one of the easiest as well as enjoyable ways to earn money. If you are a music freek so this method is great fit for you to earn money. There are plent of ways you can earn money by listening music one of them being current rewards.

      There are many more programs where you can earn money listening to music.
This is the method you must try to earn money.

4. Share Your Opinion:

  You must be wondering that how someone can earn money just for sharing there opinion but it is true, you can earn money just for sharing your opinion and crowdtap is the platform which can help you to do it. 

    This platform is basically used by the companies to get feedback from people around the world. All you have to do is comolete the variety of polls and questions about consumer goods, food products and services.

5. Earn Money While Watching  TV :
 Well, if you are thinking that this is definetely going to be a fake way of earning but it is definetely isn't.
    Thanks to the websites like             Survey Junkie , you can earn money wile watching TV. It is one of the fastest ways of earning money sitting at home and doing your favourite things.

    There are many more ways to earn money in survey junkie like by completing surveys everyday to earn few more bucks.

6. Play Fantasy Sports :
You all have surely heard of fantasy sports where you can make your own team by choosing your favourite players and on any sport which you love watching like cricket, football or basketball etc. 

    Many people are already playing fantasy sport to try there luck so why you don't.
This method has also great potential of earning big amounts in thousands, lakhs or even in crores.

    There are plenty of apps and websites from where you can start your journey of playing in fantasy sports. You have surely heard of some apps likes Dream11, MPL, Paytm first games etc. They are beginners friendly if you are new to fantasy sports, they will guide you.

7. Complete offers for Money :
 There is another easy way to earn money without working hard is by completing offers. You must be wondering how is this even possible? So, Swagbucks is the simple answer of your question.
     is the trusted and well known website have millions of trusted members all around the world. This website will pay you for doing things which you already do. You can earn money by completing offers, shopping, search the web using there search bar and much more.

   There are possibly no. of things you can do with your choices in this website to earn money online. 

   So what are you waiting for join swagbucks now to start earning!!

8. Get Money for Using Internet :

   This is the great way of earning money without doing anything. You all have to do is get the app installed in your mobile phones and it will automatically give you credits for this which in turn you will get gifts card in return.

   Yes, so you must be wondering what is this app called so there are several apps one of this is called Mobile xpressions .
There are also several other apps like this in the market which are similar to this.

    This is the most simplest of all ways to earn money without doing anything at all.

9. Sell Your Photos Online :

 If you have a passion of clicking photos, so don't just be it a passion you can make money out of it. Yes, you heard it right there are many websites where you can sell you photos to earn money.
    One of them being adobe stock .
If you want to know more about earning money by selling photos click here.

10. Earn Money by Playing Games :

   It may sound hard you to believe but you can actually get paid by playing games.

    There are apps like Mpl, Winzo, and even on Mx player etc. These apps can pay you to play games and the money you won can be directly Withrawl to you paytm account.

   Isn't it is a great way to earn money!!!

11. Get paid to Read Emails :

   You must be heard of this method to earn money but if not then you must be knowing this method.

   Inbox Dollars is a rewards site that will pay you to open and read their promoted emails.No futher action is required.

There is a great way of earning without working and you can earn anytime in your spare time.
12. Become a U tester :
    U Test is the great way to earn money in big numbers and also it will improve your skills and knowledge as a website or app tester.

   In this platform you all have to do is to find the bugs in your smartphones or laptops for the big companies who want to lauch there digital product in return they will pay you good money. World class companies if want to launch new feature or product in the market they first want it to get checked so UTest provides them the platform. 

   So without wasting your time get yourself signed up on U test today.

13. Start Investing in Cryptocurrency :
 Cryptocurrencies is the future of money.
You should have to start investing in it, and earn big amounts. It has a great potential of converting you small amounts into a big number but you should also have a knowledge about the market.

   Investing in crypto can be bit risky but profitable as well, you can earn anywhere around 100x of your amount in some days or even in some hours depending on the market.

   There are many platform for where you can start your journey with cryptocurrency like - WaziX , Coinswitch Kuber etc. 
You can start investing from as low as 100rs.

14. Start Blogging :
 If you love writing and you think you can write good content so you can start with blogging. 

  Blogging is all time favourite choice to earn money online. There are many categories in which you can write your blog like - fashion, beauty, technology, health etc , choose your favorite category in which you are interested and start writing unique articles on it and start earning money.

   For your information, a blogger can earn around $3000 per month if he gets good page view and has unique contents in his website.

15. Make Youtube Videos :

 Making youtube videos and earning from it can be a great source of income, but it need some hard work and creativity.

    There is no limit of earning from youtube once you got popular or start getting good amount of views on your content. Make your channel on the category you love doing like if you are a food addict, or if you are a game freek, or you love singing or dancing etc.
Youtube has a great potential of earning money, many people have also made there career in it and the only soucre of there income.

  Also, it is clear that youtube is not a quick source of income you have to upload your quality content on regular basis, keep in mind content is the key.

  I think if you have patience and ready to do hard work than youtube is among the best platform to earn money online!!


According to me, I dont believe in not working and earning money but I definetely believe in woking smartly to earn money whether it is online or offline.
  But in this article there are some methods in which you can make your carrier or have a great potential to earn big money.

   Also, these methods will be helpul for many people to earn money as many of them has lossen job so please share this article to your friend and family as much as you can so that it can reach out to the needy ones.

      THANK YOU!!!

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